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What would you like to receive?

18 Aug

               The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris                    I have been reading a lot of self-help books  on how to create wealth. From Rich Dad – Poor Dad to The Secret and even One Minute Millionaire. I was not sure if I was going to get anything out of these books. But I was looking for more. What is the thinking process that successful business starters have?

  1. This is a "thought bubble". It is an...First of all, successful business starters do not believe that they have to do it alone. They create a team of creative thinkers and people who have the skills, connections, and resources they themselves do not have.
  2. Secondly, they brainstorm and research what people are interested in, what are needs,  and what sells well
  3. Third, creative thinkers tap into more than one resource to create their business. You should never have all your wealth come from one source. Multiple sources of income ensure continuous flow of money.
  4. And, they invest positive energy and invest into other people. Money is a type of energy. Energy is attracted by like-energy.

(This is not the complete list)

What does this mean? That means first of all, it’s good to get a team together with different type of skills, such as Idea creators, strategists, analysts, and “what if’s” (the people who can Swiss cheese your idea and poke holes). Every one of these types of people have strengths and weaknesses. Delegate your weaknesses to the people who like to do what you don’t. Then create meetings where only part of the group meets to create. After they leave, invite the “what if’s” people to look for things that could flop your idea. After you go back and forth for a bit, you should be able to make your idea fool-proof.

Now, with your enthusiastic ideas and energy, you attract enthusiastic people with a lot of energy and resources. As you share with others, they will share with you. As you bounce ideas off of people, they come back with better or more ideas. See how that works? You give and get more. Always keep the best interest of others in mind while you are working on creating a better life-style. then others will keep your best interest in mind, also.

The same phenomenon is true with anything. Whatever you put out, you get back. You can only get back whatever has been put into the circle to go around. Therefore, what goes around, comes around…. – sounds familiar?  You give a smile and you get more smiles back; you give a hug – you get more hugs back; you give money – you get more money back. Get my drift? All the energy you put out, you receive back with interest. Isn’t that amazing? The same holds true with emotions: emotions go out in energy. You give positive energy out and get more positive energy back. But if you focus on how bad things are, more bad things happen to you.  So, be careful what you dish out because you surely will get it back on the next round.

European bull in thought

European bull in thought (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Trying to get rich fast?

10 Jul

Most people complain about how much they work and still not having enough money. My mom used to say: how come at the end of the money there is still so much month left?  Most hard-working Americans have more than half of their hard-earned wages sucked out for taxes, and then they get to live on the left-overs – called “take-home pay.” So, the only option we can think of is play the lottery and hope we will win. But the funny thing is, if we were to win a lot of money, first of all, most people would not know how to protect their money. Secondly, they would pay most of it in taxes back to Uncle Sam. So, it’s actually the government who wins. The question is, how can a small person get ahead and get “a break”. Funny you should ask. Congress passed more than 100 tax laws that give tax breaks to home based business owners. The thought behind that was when people lose their jobs, the government does not want the person to go to the unemployment office first thing the next day. If they have a home based business, hopefully the person would invest more time into it and make it full-time. The regular employee earns their money, pay tax, and get to live on the left overs. The home based business owner earn the money, pays all bills and business expenses and themselves, THEN pay tax on the left-overs. Now there is a thought. To qualify for this tax break, all you need is a home based business. Then you can start writing off part of your rent, your car usage, and even your children’s allowance. (Congress said, a 6-year-old can do adequate work for their parents home based business while remaining in a safe environment). You can also write off up to $5000.00 Dollars for starting up a business because Congress understands that you had to make investments before you can make a profit. Doesn’t that sound awesome? I’m in! Not only can you get a tax break on April 15th, but you can keep more of your money of your regular pay check since Congress assumes you need to keep investing to keep your business running.  A lot of people are careful and need to think about things. I understand that, but you need to also understand, every minute you “think” about it and procrastinate, you are throwing $20 Dollars out of the window. You get to deduct $100 Dollars a week from your taxes just by claiming you have a home based business. The only requirement is that you have the intent to make a profit (I don’t know anyone who would not want that), and you have to put in at least 3 to 4 hours of work per week for your business. That’s it. You don’t even have to stick with the business. You can change your mind and go with another product if you like a different one better.

The best part about owning a home based business is that you get to do it from your home. You can work it around your own schedule, while your baby is napping or the kids are in school. You can invest as much time as you want and you get to socialize with adults. (I know what it’s like to be a stay-home mom)

Now, if you are interested, I can recommend a company where you only need $50.00 Dollars to start. I have never heard of a business you can start-up with $50.00 Dollars. Imagine all you need to invest is $50.00 Dollars but you get to write off a lot more money than that in taxes.  It’s a win/win situation. You can purchase product as you need and see how much you are selling. This company is very simple, because it involves coffee. Coffee is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the US. The difference in this coffee is that it is alkaline coffee, therefore healthy. It is infused with the Ganoderma Mushroom (go ahead and google that) which has 150 antioxidants and 200 nutrients. So, don’t let a perfect opportunity pass you by. Every day you wait costs you $20.00 Dollars that you are throwing out the window. Imagine yourself having a coffee and jazz mixer on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, your friends and your friends’ friends at your house and everybody is enjoying the delicious ganoderma coffee, tea, or hot chocolate; iced tea or latte. How much fun is that? And it would not even feel like work.   To get started, you can visit my website and click on JOIN NOW

www.ullascoffeehouse.organogold.com   It’s easy – It’s simple – It’s COFFEE     -salud

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