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So you think “food” is your only enemy to weight loss? Think again….

15 Aug

Weight loss is the big topic. Everyone wants to keep up with the skinny and sexy standard that society sets for the ladies. I am more for the “feel good about yourself” method. We need to come to terms with our looks and our bodies and appreciate ourselves for the way we are. Why is it that people focus on the parts that they don’t like about themselves instead of the parts that they do like, or even love?!  We put so much pressure on ourselves to meet the standards of other people. Some of whom we don’t even like or worst, don’t even know! Nevertheless, we diet and exercise and have little to no results. Why is that?

We stress ourselves out about keeping up with the Joneses, not having enough time, not looking the way we want to…….this creates a lot of stress on our bodies. Not to mention the irregular mealtimes we inflict onto ourselves because we try to fit everything into one day. When we stress our bodies out, we produce a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is not very good for us and in addition elevates our estrogen level. When we have a higher estrogen level, our body holds on to fat. Our body uses this fat to protect ourselves from harmful fluids such as acid build up. This creates a long domino effect. So, in short terms: if you are stressed out, it is impossible to lose weight.

In order to get positive results in feeling and also looking better, taking a yoga class, meditating, or walking would be better choices.  The body can calm down and your brain can re-focus.  It is important for your mind to trigger happy feelings and release endorphins. You will attract more happy things to yourself. It really is the thought that counts. I know what you are thinking. You are already too busy to fit anything else into your day. There are other solutions: It is amazing how refreshing and rejuvenating 10 minutes of deep breathing exercises or meditation can be. It is almost like taking a 2-hour nap! If you don’t believe it, I would like to challenge you to try it for only one week. Please leave me a comment so I see how many people are giving it a try. On your next lunch break, go to a place where you are undisturbed (I use my car) and make yourself comfortable. Then for 10 minutes just focus on your breathing. Take long deep breaths through your nose, count to five, and let your breath out for a 10-second count through your mouth. Only think of your breathing. (You can find some good breathing techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing and other relaxation exercises on tapes)  By taking in a lot of oxygen your body also burns fat and you breathe out more toxins. Plus, you also lower the amount of cortisol in your body, and you will be able to get a second wind and become more productive for the rest of the day. Sounds easy? Well, it is! 

Space-filling model of the cortisol molecule, ...

Space-filling model of the cortisol molecule, a steroid hormone that controls the body’s response to stress. Colour code (click to show) : Black: Carbon, C : White: Hydrogen, H : Red: Oxygen, O (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Get Shape Ups or get out of shape?

14 Aug
English: Diagram showing the parts of a shoe.

English: Diagram showing the parts of a shoe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think it’s a shame when people sue companies because their cognition or their body did not cooperate with the manual instructions and ended up hurting themselves. I applaud when companies think of new ideas and good ways to work many muscles with one product to give consumers options and  flexibility with their work-outs while encouraging  healthier habits during a hectic day.  Walking is a great exercise that works more muscle groups than if you are running. You use a bigger range of your foot and you need to push off harder to execute the step. Walking also slims and tones your legs. Isn’t it fabulous that there is a shoe that actually can help your foot out by creating this whole heel to toe motion and  build your calf muscles and hamstrings? And it gives you enough cushion and support to make it possible to walk for a long time without pain.  

There are so many different ways we can chose from in order to get or stay in shape. The shape up shoe is just one of them. We can also put on our most comfortable shoes which we already own and add ankle weights and walk. We can make wide strides, or high knees; speed walk or lunge. So many options to pick a walking style. And it costs little  money or nothing. Walking for a couple of hours twice a week or an hour four times a week could help us feel better already. Deep breathing also helps with calorie burn and stress management. Just a few changes in this direction makes a large psychological impact on the body. It is amazing how the body reacts to nature, fresh air and body movement.  

Last night, I picked up my jump rope and every half lap I walked I did 50 jumps with my jump rope. It felt awesome! Of course it is a bonus that I live on Hawaii and the little walk park I go to is right by the beach. Nevertheless, I am sure there is a beautiful area where you live, too. I love walking before sunset. Then I get to watch the sun go down and enjoy a nice brisk temperature while I see all the beautiful flowers, trees, and animals.

It’s up to you. You can shape up your life with a beautiful experience and a nice end of a day. Or you can stay home and try to drown the stress of the day with chocolate covered pretzel, loud TV, and argue with others in your home. (Stress will do that to you)  The most important part we need to try to accomplish is to manage our stress and focus on what really is important. Isn’t it our health and good relationships? Well, then that’s what we should spend more time with.  The people you deal and argue with are not the real enemy. But stress is a killer!

Stress can become Disease

Stress can become Disease (Photo credit: Mrityunjaya Yoga Studio)


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