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Feeding my brain good thoughts

9 Sep

Ever since I received my new Sketchers shape ups, I have been going out to the park by the beach for walks.Not only are my legs shaping up nicely, my entire body is feeling content. It’s amazing how good walking is for my mental health. I really am able to find the center of myself and focus on the good things I have been blessed with.




When we talk about a healthy body, we also include a healthy mind. With a healthy mind, we can do anything that we want to focus our attention on. That is why it is important to control where our mind takes us. Whatever we focus on, that’s what our minds think it’s what we want and circumstances and events will shift to make it happen to us as we think.


This goes  beyond exercising and eating healthy food. Don’t understand me wrong now, what we eat and how we keep ourselves fit does impact the body and is important. And whatever we eat is also brain food. But it is also important what we allow ourselves to see and hear. If we allow pollution such as violent movies and dirty songs to enter our minds, that’s what will come out also.


Whenever we have trouble and not feeling well, we look for something that can treat the symptoms. But the root of the problem will still exist. When we find the root to the problem and fix it, it will also take care of the symptoms. When we have negative thoughts about ourselves or we feel unmotivated, we need to ask ourselves where it comes from. Some people want to numb it and resort to alcohol or drugs. That will not fix the root of the problem. Our mind cries out for help and we need to focus on how we can help our mind and fix the root of the problem.



Walking has been a nice refreshing way to change up my day. My eyes see beauty and my ears hear birds. What an easy way to bring calmness and peace to our minds and body.


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