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I just want a flat tummy. Why Is Everything a Secret?

25 Sep

Has this happened to you, too? You see a title of a cool article; let’s say one on how to get a flat tummy. This would be good knowledge to have, so you click on it.  And up pops this window involving you with an entire realm of window popping and requests for your information or maybe even a payment request.

Well, maybe you are not annoyed by this, but I am. In fact, I have gone through a whole bunch of hoops and then some just to help YOU get this information easier.  See how much I care?  As if it is not hard enough already for us as we get older to find out what we need to change to keep our youthful appearances. This window popping could have the opposite effect on my body and cause me to grow gray hair all over at lightning speed (as if my kids did not do enough of that already).

Now, I have read and compared a lot of articles on how to get a flat tummy over a period of probably 10 years, including information my personal trainer Mark Dodge (trainer and body-guard of THE POWER TEAM and TEAM IMPACT) used to smother me with. I searched and journeyed through the junk yard of dietary pop-ups. The majority I have tried on my own body, so you can look at this as my personal experience (Figure Competitions: 2007 through 2012 Venice Beach Armed Forces Competition; 2008 Orange County Classics, Anaheim; NESTA Personal Certified Trainer) and I can vouch for this with the results.

The first thing I learned was to always take in more protein than carbohydrates. A ratio of 40% protein, 35% carbohydrates, 25% fat is a good way to go.

Before I go any further, we need to take a better look at what carbohydrates are. Many people tell me they don’t know how to recognize each food group.  Here are a few examples:

  1. Protein –  meat, fish, poultry, cheese, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt
  2. Carbohydrates      – starchy carbs = corn, potatoes, pasta, beans, rice                                 -– sugar carbs  =  fruits, candy, Juices, and                                                                 chocolate,                                                                                                      –  complex carbs= veggies,  salads, tomatoes                                                                    cucumber
  3. Fat (healthy) – all nuts, avocado, seeds, all nut butters, butter

To get to the point, the foods that have been changed the least from its natural state will be best for a flat stomach. So, yes, fat is good for you but as soon as you heat it, it becomes trans fat and it is very unhealthy and fattening. The heat changes its structure and molecular make up in a way that it is bad for our bodies.  So chicken and olive oil are only good combined in a salad. If you combine them in the frying pan, you created an unhealthy meal.

Another good idea is to keep healthy movement of food through your system and you can do that with fiber. Fiber is found in most carbohydrates and nuts. The best thing to do is to eat the complex carbs instead of grains (including bread). Other types of carbohydrates are weight gainers, or you can also call them “belly enhancers”.

Fat is important for our joints and it keeps us feeling full. Chose healthy fat, but since it has nine calories per one gram of fat, it is better to limit the intake. Fat stays in our system longer and lingers in the intestines and it is harder to digest.                             And last, what none of us wish it was true: Alcohol.

One ounce  of alcohol equals seven calories. We also tend to snack more when we enjoy a social beverage. But alcohol will also dehydrate us and make it harder for our foods to move through our system. All the foods that get “stuck” in the intestine will create a little “pooch” that we all are familiar with. Unless you are too attached to your little pooch but you’re ready to lose it, chose more water to drink and make good meal choices. If you are not, then what did you name Your little Pooch? Mine is Molly.                                                                                                    ONE OUNCE:  

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19 Sep

 You are lost – now what?

After we take a look at ourselves in retrospect of a long journey and see where we are in life, either with our diet, our health or any other area, a lot of times we are not happy with where we have arrived. Unsure of how we got to this point in the first place, it’s even harder to find our way back to the place we liked before.  Now we are lost and don’t know where to begin to find a way out. Per example when I was graduating high school the teacher asked us to write down where we see ourselves in the year 2000 (it was 1986). I thought I was going to be this competent business woman wearing a skirt suit with my hair in a bun. Instead, in the year 2000, I was actually graduating from the Police Academy.

One thing to remember is the happy picture we had in our minds in the first place. What did that picture look like? Where were you? How did it feel? And where are you instead today?                     


This thought process can also be transferred to when we look at our health and our bodies. When we start working on ourselves to become the person we want to be, it is easy to get frustrated and lose sight of any victories we have gained so far. The changes that were planned are harder to implement than we think and we expect results much faster than we see them. “Rome was not built in one day” is the phrase that comes to mind. But why don’t these words make it any easier to accept the pace of our success rate?


                                                                First of all we need to forgive and accept ourselves.

  Second, we need to be patient with ourselves.


It’s funny how we expect other people to be patient and forgive us but we don’t give ourselves that courtesy.

If it is health that needs improvement, remember that it is a natural transformation.

  1. It takes approximately two weeks for your body to realize that a change is happening; either in diet and/or exercise. That means give your body at least two weeks time to notice what you are doing before you give up.
  2. Also, it is widely known that it takes 60 days to break a habit. If you are trying to break a habit of eating before bedtime, then you have to implement eliminating eating before bedtime for that amount of time before concluding that it is not working.
  3. The good news is that it only takes 21 days to create a new habit. Did you notice that programs or product companies give you a trial period of 21 days? It’s so that you have enough time to try it before you change your mind and find it’s not working for you.

To eliminate a bad habit is easier done when replacing it with a new habit, because it takes less time for us to get used to it. Does that make sense?

  • Don’t give up trying to find contentment after only two weeks or less.
  • Make a list of things that you want to eliminate or change.
  • Then write down what you want to do/be instead.
  • Think of the steps you need to take to get from A to B (e.g. to get from an unhealthy body to a healthy body, replace french fries with asparagus)

 Once you have the road map to health, create small milestones and check them off as you arrived there. Milestones can be anything like having gone one week without fried foods. Or arrived at  5 lbs less than when you started. As you focus on your map and your milestones of healthy steps, your focus is also shifting away from the unhealthy things that you don’t want in your life. The things we focus on in life manifest themselves and before you know it, you arrived at the goals you have set for yourself (e.g. looking like Barbie). Make yourself reminders if you need to. But mostly, after you conquered each milestone, reward yourself.

Preferably do it with non eatable things –                                                                           

but how about a new movie?




Feeding my brain good thoughts

9 Sep

Ever since I received my new Sketchers shape ups, I have been going out to the park by the beach for walks.Not only are my legs shaping up nicely, my entire body is feeling content. It’s amazing how good walking is for my mental health. I really am able to find the center of myself and focus on the good things I have been blessed with.




When we talk about a healthy body, we also include a healthy mind. With a healthy mind, we can do anything that we want to focus our attention on. That is why it is important to control where our mind takes us. Whatever we focus on, that’s what our minds think it’s what we want and circumstances and events will shift to make it happen to us as we think.


This goes  beyond exercising and eating healthy food. Don’t understand me wrong now, what we eat and how we keep ourselves fit does impact the body and is important. And whatever we eat is also brain food. But it is also important what we allow ourselves to see and hear. If we allow pollution such as violent movies and dirty songs to enter our minds, that’s what will come out also.


Whenever we have trouble and not feeling well, we look for something that can treat the symptoms. But the root of the problem will still exist. When we find the root to the problem and fix it, it will also take care of the symptoms. When we have negative thoughts about ourselves or we feel unmotivated, we need to ask ourselves where it comes from. Some people want to numb it and resort to alcohol or drugs. That will not fix the root of the problem. Our mind cries out for help and we need to focus on how we can help our mind and fix the root of the problem.



Walking has been a nice refreshing way to change up my day. My eyes see beauty and my ears hear birds. What an easy way to bring calmness and peace to our minds and body.


Not feeling motivated? Find out what else you can do about it here




Sleeping is such a waste of time. Or….is it?

23 Aug

….We do  not feel very productive while we are asleep. We are basically sleeping 1/3 of our lives away. But sometimes it is nicer to live in a dream than when you are awake. For some people, it is not such a good experience and they have nightmares or worst, night terrors.

Sleeping cat

Sleeping cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Never the less, we need it and not only because we cannot function mentally,  receiving proper sleep is 40% of our contribution  to weight loss and health results.

Our body cannot grow, heal, or repair itself unless we get enough sleep. How much is enough. Experts recommend 8 hours, but some people function better on 5-6 hours of sleep per night. You have to decide how much sleep you need to feel energized and refreshed for a new day. If we are tired our body releases the hormone ghrelin, which also makes us feel hungry. That is a big reason why many people are eating when they are in fact tired and need rest.

During sleep, as mentioned before, your body repairs itself. You gain weight, or lose weight mostly while you are asleep. Muscle repair and restore all happens while you are sleeping. Sometimes after a hard workout, an amino acid pill before bed will help with the process of muscle repair. Amino pills are good because they do not have a lot of calories, but at the same time pills are harder to break down. Sometimes a couple of egg whites will do the same trick. If you have nutrients and vitamins in your body before you sleep, you body will have all the ingredients to repair torn muscle tissue, restore, and rebuild itself. New cells develop, your hair grows, and your body gets rid of the dead skin. The body was designed to repair itself but it cannot do it without the nutrients, and definitely not without sleep.

What would you like to receive?

18 Aug

               The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris                    I have been reading a lot of self-help books  on how to create wealth. From Rich Dad – Poor Dad to The Secret and even One Minute Millionaire. I was not sure if I was going to get anything out of these books. But I was looking for more. What is the thinking process that successful business starters have?

  1. This is a "thought bubble". It is an...First of all, successful business starters do not believe that they have to do it alone. They create a team of creative thinkers and people who have the skills, connections, and resources they themselves do not have.
  2. Secondly, they brainstorm and research what people are interested in, what are needs,  and what sells well
  3. Third, creative thinkers tap into more than one resource to create their business. You should never have all your wealth come from one source. Multiple sources of income ensure continuous flow of money.
  4. And, they invest positive energy and invest into other people. Money is a type of energy. Energy is attracted by like-energy.

(This is not the complete list)

What does this mean? That means first of all, it’s good to get a team together with different type of skills, such as Idea creators, strategists, analysts, and “what if’s” (the people who can Swiss cheese your idea and poke holes). Every one of these types of people have strengths and weaknesses. Delegate your weaknesses to the people who like to do what you don’t. Then create meetings where only part of the group meets to create. After they leave, invite the “what if’s” people to look for things that could flop your idea. After you go back and forth for a bit, you should be able to make your idea fool-proof.

Now, with your enthusiastic ideas and energy, you attract enthusiastic people with a lot of energy and resources. As you share with others, they will share with you. As you bounce ideas off of people, they come back with better or more ideas. See how that works? You give and get more. Always keep the best interest of others in mind while you are working on creating a better life-style. then others will keep your best interest in mind, also.

The same phenomenon is true with anything. Whatever you put out, you get back. You can only get back whatever has been put into the circle to go around. Therefore, what goes around, comes around…. – sounds familiar?  You give a smile and you get more smiles back; you give a hug – you get more hugs back; you give money – you get more money back. Get my drift? All the energy you put out, you receive back with interest. Isn’t that amazing? The same holds true with emotions: emotions go out in energy. You give positive energy out and get more positive energy back. But if you focus on how bad things are, more bad things happen to you.  So, be careful what you dish out because you surely will get it back on the next round.

European bull in thought

European bull in thought (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So you think “food” is your only enemy to weight loss? Think again….

15 Aug

Weight loss is the big topic. Everyone wants to keep up with the skinny and sexy standard that society sets for the ladies. I am more for the “feel good about yourself” method. We need to come to terms with our looks and our bodies and appreciate ourselves for the way we are. Why is it that people focus on the parts that they don’t like about themselves instead of the parts that they do like, or even love?!  We put so much pressure on ourselves to meet the standards of other people. Some of whom we don’t even like or worst, don’t even know! Nevertheless, we diet and exercise and have little to no results. Why is that?

We stress ourselves out about keeping up with the Joneses, not having enough time, not looking the way we want to…….this creates a lot of stress on our bodies. Not to mention the irregular mealtimes we inflict onto ourselves because we try to fit everything into one day. When we stress our bodies out, we produce a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is not very good for us and in addition elevates our estrogen level. When we have a higher estrogen level, our body holds on to fat. Our body uses this fat to protect ourselves from harmful fluids such as acid build up. This creates a long domino effect. So, in short terms: if you are stressed out, it is impossible to lose weight.

In order to get positive results in feeling and also looking better, taking a yoga class, meditating, or walking would be better choices.  The body can calm down and your brain can re-focus.  It is important for your mind to trigger happy feelings and release endorphins. You will attract more happy things to yourself. It really is the thought that counts. I know what you are thinking. You are already too busy to fit anything else into your day. There are other solutions: It is amazing how refreshing and rejuvenating 10 minutes of deep breathing exercises or meditation can be. It is almost like taking a 2-hour nap! If you don’t believe it, I would like to challenge you to try it for only one week. Please leave me a comment so I see how many people are giving it a try. On your next lunch break, go to a place where you are undisturbed (I use my car) and make yourself comfortable. Then for 10 minutes just focus on your breathing. Take long deep breaths through your nose, count to five, and let your breath out for a 10-second count through your mouth. Only think of your breathing. (You can find some good breathing techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing and other relaxation exercises on tapes)  By taking in a lot of oxygen your body also burns fat and you breathe out more toxins. Plus, you also lower the amount of cortisol in your body, and you will be able to get a second wind and become more productive for the rest of the day. Sounds easy? Well, it is! 

Space-filling model of the cortisol molecule, ...

Space-filling model of the cortisol molecule, a steroid hormone that controls the body’s response to stress. Colour code (click to show) : Black: Carbon, C : White: Hydrogen, H : Red: Oxygen, O (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Get Shape Ups or get out of shape?

14 Aug
English: Diagram showing the parts of a shoe.

English: Diagram showing the parts of a shoe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think it’s a shame when people sue companies because their cognition or their body did not cooperate with the manual instructions and ended up hurting themselves. I applaud when companies think of new ideas and good ways to work many muscles with one product to give consumers options and  flexibility with their work-outs while encouraging  healthier habits during a hectic day.  Walking is a great exercise that works more muscle groups than if you are running. You use a bigger range of your foot and you need to push off harder to execute the step. Walking also slims and tones your legs. Isn’t it fabulous that there is a shoe that actually can help your foot out by creating this whole heel to toe motion and  build your calf muscles and hamstrings? And it gives you enough cushion and support to make it possible to walk for a long time without pain.  

There are so many different ways we can chose from in order to get or stay in shape. The shape up shoe is just one of them. We can also put on our most comfortable shoes which we already own and add ankle weights and walk. We can make wide strides, or high knees; speed walk or lunge. So many options to pick a walking style. And it costs little  money or nothing. Walking for a couple of hours twice a week or an hour four times a week could help us feel better already. Deep breathing also helps with calorie burn and stress management. Just a few changes in this direction makes a large psychological impact on the body. It is amazing how the body reacts to nature, fresh air and body movement.  

Last night, I picked up my jump rope and every half lap I walked I did 50 jumps with my jump rope. It felt awesome! Of course it is a bonus that I live on Hawaii and the little walk park I go to is right by the beach. Nevertheless, I am sure there is a beautiful area where you live, too. I love walking before sunset. Then I get to watch the sun go down and enjoy a nice brisk temperature while I see all the beautiful flowers, trees, and animals.

It’s up to you. You can shape up your life with a beautiful experience and a nice end of a day. Or you can stay home and try to drown the stress of the day with chocolate covered pretzel, loud TV, and argue with others in your home. (Stress will do that to you)  The most important part we need to try to accomplish is to manage our stress and focus on what really is important. Isn’t it our health and good relationships? Well, then that’s what we should spend more time with.  The people you deal and argue with are not the real enemy. But stress is a killer!

Stress can become Disease

Stress can become Disease (Photo credit: Mrityunjaya Yoga Studio)


But I don’t have time for my health ….. WHAT?

12 Aug

Like every Sunday, I attended church last Sunday and carried my  container of alkaline water around with me. (Yes, I do that) I am very interested in helping people how to stay or become healthy. I really do feel compassion when I see troubled people  searching for answers. So I was carrying my container of alkaline water and decided to start a workshop about staying healthy or becoming healthy. I could start a workshop or a health information meeting and share information with people that doctors don’t tell us. So I asked a woman if she would be interested in attending. She told me she did not have any time. REALLY??? Wow!   Here is my thought process: When will you have time? When you are sick? Or someone you love is sick? No one on this world knows how much time we have, but don’t we all want to have quality time as long as we are here? I, for instance, do not want to be bed ridden and have to have someone change my diapers when I get older. I have plans after I retire, like climb mountains, go sky diving, skiing, and travel.

Anywho, there were some people who were interested. Most people who try my water keep coming back and want more. They really do taste and feel a difference. My Kangen alkaline water is truly amazing. My friend actually is concerned now when she travels, where is she going to get her Kangen water? Well, fortunately there are headquarters and other users who gladly share the water.  But what really concerns me is that doctors do not give us this important information. Instead they rather prescribe medication that sends them on a drug roller coaster causing a domino effect of failing organs and eliminating mobility.  I actually heard that it is child abuse if your child was diagnosed with leukemia and you refuse to do chemo therapy. Isn’t that insane? I would rather explore natural ways to help my child instead of killing all of her healthy cells along with her cancer cells. But if you are honest and look at reality, it’s all about money, not how to get you healthy! Doctors are not getting paid when you are healthy. But if they use expensive pharmaceuticals to “cure” you, then there are big rewards for them.  If you look around in this world, decide which people live the longest. The Japanese! And, do you know that doctors in Japan are paid when you are healthy? Yes. And that is exactly where the Kangen water comes from. The machine that makes that water is actually a medical device in Japan and has seals and endorsements from the Japanese Government.

Besides, I learned prevention is better than intervention. Would you rather avoid the hassle of trying to get better or not even get sick in the first place?
I believe the answer is pretty easy. And if one starts thinking about it after organs start failing, he or she missed the bus.

Check out this little demonstration. Only takes about 40 minutes. Is that worth your health?

Even the Gyms are getting smarter =)

What Can Kangen Water Do For Me?

What Can Kangen Water Do For Me? (Photo credit: mgerskup)



7 Aug

Well this article explains all that I have been trying to explain to ya’all 🙂

Read on:


Trigger Foods: Foods That Make You Do Bad Things


Certain gateway or trigger foods open the floodgates to unhealthy eating habits. Outsmart the sneaky culprits that derail your diet


Certain gateway or trigger foods open the floodgates to unhealthy eating habits. Outsmart the sneaky culprits that derail your diet

By Danielle Braff

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Trigger Foods: Foods That Make You Do Bad Things Certain gateway or trigger foods open the floodgates to unhealthy eating habits. Outsmart the sneaky culprits that derail your diet

It’s a common slipup: After weeks of eating well, hitting the gym, and skipping dessert, you’re on track to lose those five pounds. You deserve a reward—some candy, a (non-diet) soda, or a side of fries. But hours later, the scene around you looks like The Hangover meets the Food Network.

In the same way that some drugs pave the way for even harder ones, a weakness for a certain food can open the door to an avalanche of bad eating choices, says Gary Wenk, Ph.D., author of Your Brain on Food. Some foods are like gateway drugs,” he says. “From your brain’s viewpoint, there is no difference.” These so-called gateway or trigger foods make you feel out of control, maybe even physically unable to stop reaching for more, in part because of their addictive effect on your mind and body, according to research. But rehab is probably easier than you think.

Junk Food Junkies
It may seem silly to think about being addicted to food, something we’d die without, but most of us eat for a lot more than just survival. Merely looking at or thinking about a food you know you love activates the reward portion of your brain, the nucleus accumbens—the same area stimulated by drugs and alcohol. This triggers the release of dopamine, a feel-good chemical that enhances your awareness of that food (so forget ignoring it!).

And once you’ve taken that first bite, watch out. Tasting food engages all of your senses (and may be felt more intensely in women than in men, for unknown reasons). Your nervous system responds by secreting insulin (which drops blood glucose) and relaxing your stomach muscles, which makes you feel like you need to eat more to be satisfied, says Susan Roberts, Ph.D., a professor of nutrition at Tufts University and coauthor of The “I” Diet.

There’s a reason this tends to happen almost exclusively with fatty and sugary foods and not, say, lettuce. The saturated fats in foods like bacon and cheese impair your brain’s normal ability to regulate appetite and cravings, so you don’t realize you’re full until you’re completely stuffed, says Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., a health psychologist at Stanford University and author of The Willpower Instinct. What’s more, that effect on your appetite can last for up to three days, the length of time it takes to flush those fats from your system. So one unhealthy indulgence can end up triggering a major relapse.

Add sugar to the fatty food—ice cream, cake, doughnuts—and you have a double whammy. High-sugar foods increase your levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite and increases cravings. “So you may tell yourself ‘Just one bite’ but find yourself wanting more and more, the more you eat,” says McGonigal.

Sugar also has been shown to enhance memory storage, which may explain why you want it in the first place, and so much of it on special social occasions. As a result, your brain has evolved a system of rewards that gives you a real high when you eat sugar. “The brain responds to both sugar and fat by releasing endorphins,” says Wenk. Chemically, those feel-good compounds are similar to morphine and can have a biological impact similar to a shot of heroin—including causing you to jones for another fix when the initial euphoria begins to fade.

Read more at Women’s Health:

Credit to Women’s Health

How does “weight loss” work and what does fat have to do with it?

4 Aug
Fructose metabolism to glycogen

Fructose metabolism to glycogen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know, it cracks me up when a doctor tells his patient:” you don’t have enough calcium or magnesium or “fill in the blank” in your body” and proceeds writing a prescription. A doctor knows how the body works so I like to give them the benefit of a doubt. (Although I would never go see one as it is my believe they mostly do more damage than good, but that’s another blog down the road LOL) I know it might sound like I am going off in a ten gem, but keep reading and I’ll get to the meat.

We need nutrition for our body to function properly. Vitamins is one of them and is essential to break down protein in your body. Without Vitamins, your body cannot use the protein and other nutrients you put into your body. The human body needs dietary fat to be able to absorb vitamins A, D, E, K; without fats your body becomes deficient in these vitamins. See this chain reaction?  We know fruit has vitamins. But we also know that fruit contains a lot of sugar and sugar will turn into stored fat if it is not used as energy by our bodies. However, we still need the vitamins. So you go to a Vitamin Shop and find yourself some vitamin pills. But you don’t know that pills are harder for your body to break down. And after you bought them you find out your body can only use a part of the vitamin since your stomach acid will eat up most of it. What do you do? You could eat all the fruits or use liquid vitamins (juice your fruits). If you get yourself vitamin supplements, make sure they come in liquid or powder form. I use the “Classic” from  ™Reliv (If you are interested, send me an email). The trick to not loosing or avoid gaining weight is to eat your fruit before 2 pm. We want to avoid raising our insulin level later on in the day and we also do not want the extra sugar to be stored as fat, unless you are very active and burn all that sugar off before bedtime. (oh by the way:Grapefruit is said to help lower insulin levels, which in turn promotes burning of fats in the body.)  Let me explain what insulin does for a second. Insulin is a “storage” hormone. It triggers the conversion of glucose and fatty acids to glycogen and fat, which are deposited in your tissues for future use. In addition, insulin inhibits the oxidation of glucose and fatty acids and the metabolism of proteins and amino acids for energy. Thus, insulin’s net effect is to decrease your daily energy expenditure. According to, insulin often leads to an increase in total body fat as the result of “more efficient use of calories.” Does that make sense? More food = increase blood sugar = increase insulin = fat storage. This is especially bad at night because we don’t “expend” energy for the body to use. Let me get to my point now and talk about what fat has to do with weight loss.
Healthy fats are very important in that they slow digestion and hence, reduce insulin secretion and at the same time, keep you from getting hungry quickly after a meal. They are also beneficial because they create good hormones and enzymes, which are needed to build muscle and reduce body fat. The hard part or real secret is that fats should NOT BE HEATED! Hence, you have some raw almonds … or a tea spoon of flax-seed oil in your protein shake or a bit of olive oil on top of your salad. When you cook/heat/fry fats, they become hydrogenated and they aren’t as beneficial for your body … not to mention, they can increase the potential of getting cancer. I’m not saying go overboard here … but a little bit of healthy fats a day will keep your skin looking younger, increase your sex drive, lubricate your joints and reduce pains and arthritis and has host of other benefits. Besides, without healthy fat you can not lose weight. This is how it works:  During exercise, your body uses glycogen (carbohydrates) first. Fat is harder to access so it uses stored fat after all the glycogen is gone. Also, your body cannot access your fat tank during vigorous exercise. A smart way to get to the fat is, do a higher intensity workout (get your heart rate up to approx. 85% of your maximum heart rate (cardio zone), then reduce it to 65% of your maximum heart rate (fat burning zone). But know this, without some glycogen in your blood (sugar), the body cannot start to burn fat. But also fat is needed to help access the stored carbohydrate (glycogen).
Important facts to know:

One pound of stored fat provides approximately 3,600 calories of energy.                                                                                                                       While these calories are less accessible to athletes performing quick, intense efforts like sprinting or weight lifting, fat is essential for longer, slower lower intensity and endurance exercise such as easy cycling and walking.

Fat provides the main fuel source for long duration, low to moderate intensity exercise (endurance sports such as marathons, and ultra marathons). Even during high intensity exercise, where carbohydrate is the main fuel source, fat is needed to help access the stored carbohydrate (glycogen).

Using fat for fuel for exercise, however, is dependent upon these important factors:

  • Fat is slow to digest and be converted into a usable form of energy (it can take up to 6 hours).
  • Converting stored body fat into energy takes time. The body needs to breakdown fat and transport it to the working muscles before it can be used as energy.
  • Converting stored body fat into energy takes a great deal of oxygen, so exercise intensity must decrease for this process to occur.

For these reasons, athletes need to carefully time when they eat fat, how much they eat and the type of fat they eat. In general, it’s not a great idea to eat fat immediately before or during intense exercise. And for the rest of us, it’s not a great idea to eat it immediately before bed time.

Fat burn in a nutshell:

Burn the glycogen in the muscles first (high intensity, high heart rate) for 20 mins, then switch to low intensity heart rate to use energy from the fat tank (harder for body to access)

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