Do you have any Assets?

16 Jul

 Did you know that there are different types of assets?  It all depends on in what direction your thoughts go. Body conscious people think of their assets in terms of their figure, their looks, their curves, and if you are a man your muscle mass. A materialistic person thinks of assets as their possessions, such as home, car, stereo, or flat screen tv. A financially secure person considers assets those things that will generate income, i.e. their property, business, stocks and bonds.  But not many people think of assets something that everyone starts with. The things you possessed when you were born. Yes, you were born naked (at least I believe so), but you still have things that not every person has. Your gifts and talents. Those are assets, too. After all, how else can someone build anything up in life without the gift or talent they possess. Everyone builds up their lives with some type of imagination. That is an asset, too. Some other assets are creativity, vision, generosity, courage, boldness, persistence, integrity, expert connections and customer data base, valuable skills, selling, persuasion, marketing, and time management. Every person that has accomplished financial independence had to use one or some or maybe all of these assets. You generate these assets with your thoughts. For this reason, thoughts become things.  Literally, as a beginner in life or a business, you only need three resources: a good idea, the commitment to do it, and the key contacts who possess all the other resources.  That’s it!  Easy?  Not for every one. Some people have trouble thinking the positive “asset” way, instead they think in a “liability” type of way, which is in forms of anger, small mindedness, fear, anxiety, procrastination, hesitation, and laziness.  We should keep away from those habits, and dare even talk about it. What you talk about will manifest, so be careful. We don’t have to eat everything we see. And we don’t have to say everything we think. Let’s begin by watching our words and speaking (and therefore thinking) with good purpose only. if it doesn’t serve, don’t say it.

So, have every thought on purpose; and then…… Live every day on purpose!


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