If you don’t want the truth, then why ask the question?

3 Jul

YOu know, it’s funny to me how people will approach me and ask me how they can lose 10 lbs or get in better shape. Then when I tell them, they are disappointed. Did they think I had a secret magic dust that I would just sprinkle on them and Voila? And besides, magic dust is very expensive and I would not want to waste it on someone who is not serious. You take the time to ask me the question, and then I take the time to answer. But after all is said and done, the person walks away with the same mindset that they came to approach me in the first place. Now the person wasted my time and their time. Taking care of your health and body is serious business. And a business should be treated like a person. You have to feed and nurture it. It’s like everything else in life. If it’s worth having, then it is worth working for. Nothing in life is free, not even a healthy body. Yes, your body itself was free, but there are maintenance and upkeep expenses. Do not fool yourself into thinking that your body is maintenance free and will stay one way forever. Let me ask you something: what kind of car are you driving? And – if you care what kind of car you are driving, what it looks like and if it has dings and dents in it, then why don’t you care about what kind of vessel your soul has to dwell in for the rest of your earthly life? We all have standards, but why is it that when it comes to our bodies and health, we lower the standards? Ironically though, in a partner we have higher expectations than what we are willing to offer them. We all should care what we put into our bodies, just like we care what kind of fuel or oil we put into our cars. Inform yourself about with which ingredients your body best performs and you would get the most mileage out of it. A high-grade oil and fuel is to cars as Alkaline water is to our body. (www.kangen1info.com) So, for all those who do not want to rely on a “ride” from someone else or a wheelchair later in life, keep your own vessel performing and lasting for life.   – Get in gear for better health





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