Problems maintaining your weight?

28 Jun

I really care about this subject. It consumes me with worries, that so many Americans have weight and health problems.  How come Europeans don’t?  When we look at the eating habits of each group, we see a significant difference in the purpose of food. American’s eat for recreation: What do you wanna do? – Go out for Dinner? Take popcorn into the theatre? Sit down for a drink?  In Europe, when someone asks what to do, most of the time the response is: Go dancing? Play tennis? Meet at the zoo? There is not so much food involved in their recreation and social events. Food serves the purpose to sustain aliveness, because we need it for fuel, but not for a reason to meet and hang out with someone.

Food at the wrong time and the wrong amount can throw off our bodily rhythm and our metabolic clock.  (Click here for more information: )

It is so easy, but most people want a quick fix, have their cake and eat it, too. Literally! Unfortunately, life is not how it used to be. We no longer have to use our energy to hunt down our dinner or fish our breakfast. It is readily available whenever we are ready to consume it. But even to find out the truth about food and our metabolic system, businesses take advantage of the naïveté of consumers and try to sell them a pill, or a diet cook book, or anything that the consumer is willing to buy. Truth is hard to come by. Sadly, the misinformed people pass their habits of consumption on to their children. I see children getting out of the car with their soft drink and a happy meal. People are appalled by the media informing us of how many children there are with cancer. What do we expect? Why are people preferring convenience to health? And how much time do you really save by picking up a quick meal on your way? I can prepare a home cooked meal in 30 mins, the amount of time it takes a person to stop by a drive through, order, and get home. I don’t believe it’s saving you time, but rather speeding up your time before you will be depending on someone else to care for you. And then, would you want them to bring you your last burger?  And, do you want fries with that?


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