What is your health worth to you?

27 Jun

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I was sick for four days!!! FOUR days?!! I have not been sick in 6 years and hardly knew how to act. But anyways, enough about me. I finally recovered and today for the first time in 5 days was able to breathe some fresh air.  I am a generally healthy person and I don’t want to know how much longer I would be sick if it wasn’t for my amazingly strong immune system to get me back on track.  Or what I would do if I was sick until…….?

So, I woke up to a text message from my daughter telling me that one of my co-workers/buddies died last Thursday, leaving behind a wife and 2 young adult children. Just one year after my other co-worker/buddies died, leaving behind a wife, 2 young adult daughters and one grand baby. My first buddy died just four months after I had decided to obtain the lifestyle I deserve and worked for and moved to Hawaii. I needed to have more peace in my life and enjoy more of my free time doing what I like, instead of sitting on a freeway trying to get home.   My move happened a year and a half ago. Anyways, now this.   I used to be concerned about both of their health. Apparently more concerned than they were themselves. I actually filled up containers with alkaline water and brought the water to them. My buddy who died a year ago would not even drink the water. He told me that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Really?? But he already knew how to drink. (?) The second buddy expected that he would continue to get his water delivered to his house. At least he drank the water but getting it himself was out of the question. Now, my supervisor falls in the same category, but he is still alive. A year ago he had heart surgery…….do I need to say more?

The thing is, what is more expensive – a healthier lifestyle or ignoring facts. How much does it cost you to drink healthy water (www.enagic.com)? Last week I was telling a friend about healthy alkaline coffee. He inquired about the price. I guess $1.00 per sachez is too expensive (www.ullascoffeehouse.organogold.com). Where it is acceptable that Starbucks charges almost $5.00 for a Latte!!!  I am not sure I can follow this type of thinking. The price of my health, and possibly missing watching my kids grow up, and having grand kids…..is just too high! I am not sure if I should attribute this action, or better, lack of, to laziness or stubbornness.  But it is simply not smart.  Wake up and smell the coffee, America! The FDA is not looking out for your best interest. What are they regulating anyway? How fast or how a person should die? They are certainly not making sure the products consumers are offered are healthy, let alone safe to consume! I found out, in life, thinking is mandatory. “Question authority” is what my English teacher in college used to tell me. And I have never stopped questioning since.


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