What millionaires say…..

22 Jun

ImageWhen it comes to money, we believe that outside circumstances are in control of how fortunate we are. The truth is, what every wealthy person will tell you, it’s all in your head. Money is energy and the energy that you give off will return to you. If you give off the though with the waves that it is hard to earn money thencircumstances wil

l come back to you to support your thoughts.

Basically, it’s all in your head. Thoughts become things and if you are not controlling your thoughts, your thoughts will control what will and will not happen and in effect control you and your life. This is supported by the books “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“, “Think yourself Rich”, “Think and Grow Rich“, Soar to the Top”, and “The Secret“. All of these books have the same message.

The way our educational institutions work today does not support this type of thinking. In fact, Schools create mentalities of good employees, but not good employers. It creates followers but not leaders. There are many things wrong with our current education system, one of which is that it is so outdated and does not give our kids the tools needed to put their learning into good practice. They are not given the tools to create their own ideas and plans to support themselves financially. They are taught to believe that you need to work hard to earn good money and education will “buy” them a ticket to better income. The opposite is true today. Many people were led to believe, the more they know the more money they make. Not so true today! In fact, there are more educated people either jobless or struggling financially than ever in history. What is left to do? We need to prepare our kids as parents and help them guide their thoughts and creativity. Kids need to be encouraged and supported to make their dream a reality. This will grow our country and this world into sophisticated technologies needed today to advance people to higher and better lifestyles. We are all created to have abundance and a happy life. Let’s put that thought and idea into the minds of our children, who are, unlike us, still fearless and courageous. They have not lived with much skepticism. Never tell a person they can’t do something. All things are possible and to put something into reality starts with a single thought.

Happy thinking and creating


American Education is in the Dumpster                        Cover of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Ri...Cover of "The Secret"


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