smart training

20 Jun

Personal trainer showing a client how to exerc...

Personal trainer showing a client how to exercise the right way and educating them along the way. The semi-spherical device is a BOSU. Category:Fitness Category:Fitness_training Category:Personal_training Category:Stretching Category:Challenges to physical balance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I am in the gym, I look around and see a lot of accidents about to happen. I watch how people train and see that their form is not correct, or they hold their breath. All these improper methods have consequences which could be very hazardous to your health. Per example, if you go retrieve a weight, make sure you don’t just bend over and pick it up. Lift with your legs. People cause injuries by negligence and not paying attention what they do with the weights in between exercises. I also see some people dropping the dumbbells as if the weights won’t bounce. Well, they do!  And I have seen them bounce up against the wall breaking the mirror or even onto someone else s foot. The worst thing I see is when someone holds their breath during the workout. I wonder why there are no guidelines to workouts posted somewhere so that people can be warned. When a person holds their breath during the exercise, it can cause hernia! Not such a small matter. Yes, big guys want to look macho and stuff and put additional bar bells onto the machine even if there is no room for them, but let me tell you: The machine was not designed to carry more weight than it was designed for and the insurance will not cover any accidents in that case. Jus sayin…….  The best thing to do is ask,  if you are not sure how a machine should be used or how the exercise should be done. Most gyms have certified personal trainers (CPT) happy to answer your questions.

Happy muscle-building


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