who am I anyways?

18 Jun

Hi bloggers

I want to share a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in Germany and was fed home cooked meals and little candy. As a child I resented this but now that I am in the prime of my years, I am happy that my mother fed me the way she did. I acquired the taste of home cooked meals and smooth drinks such as milk and water. I was not allowed to have soda and when I turned a teenager and went against my mother’s wishes, I developed a severe stomach ache and that was the end of soda for me. I was 18 years old at the time. Many years (well, not THAT many hahha) went by and still today, I have not had any soda. I have to say that I have excellent health and cancelled my health insurance. The reason for that is that I keep my body at an alkaline level (ph 7.5 or higher) by drinking alkaline water (www.enagic.com), alkaline coffee (www.ullascoffeehouse.organogold.com) and eat mostly vegetables and chicken. Now, understand why I am eating this way: it’s because that’s what my mother fed me! Although, I hate seafood, which is ANYTHING that comes from the sea or ocean. You are asking what about shrimp? Yes, that includes shrimp. Does lobster come from the ocean? Ok, then yes, that too.  I would not even come home if my mom cooked seafood. But I loved the vegetable soups and califlower soup she cooked. Anyways, since I do not like nor eat fried anything, my colesterol is at a healthy level. I eat yogurt which also helps with that. Healthy fats (such as found in nuts and avocados) will replace unhealthy saturated fat and help with cholesterol balance also. This tells me that eating healthy is a habit, not a “special diet”. Anyways, my mother created a health guru because that’s all I am interested in now.

Keep following my blogs and you will find out all kinds of ways that will help with weight loss, health improvements, and wellness. If I find out about it and tested it or already know, I will share with my friends and blog followers.                    Happy eating for now and enjoy a long and prosperous life                                                                                                                          



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